Silver Waves

Silver Waves are the exhilarating currents emanating from Dylan Mallett when he gets busy with his soundboard.


'Industrial music to soundtrack Satan’s own space travels. It twists and turns through several passages of warm bassy rumblings, pretty ambience and jagged noise peaks, and never lingers too long on any one thought, alluring you one minute then smacking you in the face the next' THE QUIETUS

Having been making music in various forms over the past five years, Mallett first unscrewed the jar on the tenebrous brew of noise he’d been fermenting in his attic with a pair of EPs on Howling Owl sister label, bulb, before the release of ‘EP3’ on Portal Editions/Howling Owl.

Disparate elements including cymbals, voices, violins and bowed guitars pass through an analogue threshing machine that churns together roiling acousmatic noise, bludgeoning splinter-rhythms and fractious melodies, leaving senses nourished and obliterated in equal part.

'Bristol’s most uncompromising electronic music producer' CRACK

The arrival of EP3 finds Dylan making bolder strides in the live realm, too, building on recent shows with uncompromising channellers such as Pharmakon, Powell and Wolf Eyes. The tide rising.


Joe Hatt