Breaking out from Montreal's underground warehouse rave scene, Pelada are the duo of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman.


Movimiento Para Cambio is Pelada's urgent, headstrong debut LP for PAN, using music as a mechanism for delivering ideas central to the group’s moral and political ethos. In incendiary Spanish language tones, Vargas explores themes of power, identity, surveillance and environmental justice atop Rochman’s raw mix of rave synths, acid basslines, breakbeats and dembow rhythms - a fast and loose formula that feels keyed into the current global social-political milieu, and translates to a galvanising live show that will spring dancefloors to action in festival contexts, switched-on club zones and punk bunkers alike.

'avoids the pitfalls of political zeal and drives home the social impact that rave-ready tunes can have, both in and out of the club' — Resident Advisor

Pelada hope to inspire critical self- reflexivity through engagement, building power, demanding space and action. Or as it is written in their liner notes: ‘ABRE TUS OJOS, LA BESTIA SE ALIMENTA DE LA EXPLOTACIÓN’ which translates to ‘OPEN YOUR EYES, THE BEAST FEEDS ON EXPLOITATION’.


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Barcelona, ES
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