Giant Swan

Giant Swan is the brainchild of Robin Stewart & Harry Wright; an acerbic marriage of energised, aggressive dance music, quaking bass and hypnotic electronic noise.


'They’re not the first to approach techno from a hardcore punk sensibility, but their energy on stage is pushing them into a league of their own. Imagine Container and Alan Vega attempting a peak-time techno record, and you’re halfway to grasping the Giant Swan sound' — RESIDENT ADVISOR

Across a table of machines and pedals, incorporating abused guitar and liberal vocal manipulation, Giant Swan create a cross-breed of hypnotic bass, industrial percussion and disorientating energy delivered with telepathic intricacy.

With strong ties to Bristol's deep musical heritage, Giant Swan are a maelstrom of potential energy, bleeding between several sonic movements that both obliterate and invigorate. Building on a foundation of rhythmic tension and frenzied improvisation, no two performances are the same as the duo re-build and destroy their twisted vision of techno-not-techno.

'A Giant Swan show is heavy and direct; there’s a physicality you won’t find at most live techno shows. The duo throw themselves behind every synth squeal, crashing snare and vocal wail with an energy often echoed by its audience.' — MIXMAG

Steadily assembling an arsenal of heavy hitting EPs on Howling Owl (2015), FuckPunk (2016), Timedance (2017), Mannequin (2018) and most recently Whities (2018), their recorded output has been sculpted and refined into consummate snapshots of the unrivalled, ecstatic energy they fire from the stage through raw improvisation. The relentless touring of underground DIY circuits, as well as festival stealing performances at the likes of Unsound and Atonal has seen their reputation take flight as the unstoppable force in live electronic music.


Joe Hatt


Worldwide (management)

Tour dates

Retextured Festival
The Hague
Melt Festival