Céline Gillain

Céline Gillain is a musician, video and performance artist living in Brussels. Her work is a hybrid of corrupted pop songs, feminist sci-fi, story telling and dark humour.


After a debut single on mutant pop 7-inch imprint Lexi Disques, her debut LP ‘Bad Woman’ was released on Drama, a sub-label of Zaltan's Antinote Records, in December 2018.

She strips down pop components, discards most of them, and recombines what's left at unusual angles—a hard blip of percussion here, a stab of melody there, haunting spoken word woven through it all — RESIDENT ADVISOR

She sounds, in turn, like an opera diva doing vocal warm-ups in the bathroom and a nefarious character lurking in the shadows in a detective novel — PITCHFORK


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